New album by artist ELEKTRA

Released by Blowpipe Records (catalogue BP081) on 15. April 2021 (digital +CD + vinyl)

“Based on a series of dreams I’ve been having while living on the grounds of a heavily haunted monastery. An otherworldly being would visit me every night for many months telling me the story of her life. How she used to be human, and how she made some wrong choices, and now she wanted her story to be heard. She moved me till the depth of my soul, and I also made an effort to summarize her entire story in words, not just in words set on music.

‘…intens en ontregelend, niet voor tere zielen’ – Edwin Hofman / Written in Music ****

‘…stevige en unieke electro’ – Oscar Smit / OOR

‘…excentriek, en dat is geen overstatement’ – Peter Bruijn / HD

‘…every aspect (vocals, programming, songwriting) incredible’ – Steve Mecca / Chain DLK *****

‘…most enjoyable, even when outside our normal range of music’ - Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly


  1. 1.Take Your Time

  2. 2.ElectroMagnetic Pulse

  3. 3.Fat, Sugar & Cream

  4. 4.Soldier

  5. 5.Frequency

  6. 6.Freedom Train

  7. 7.DareBeDoll

  8. 8.Heaven

  9. 9.Funambulism

  10. 10.Alien


(44 minutes)


Elektra Dekker: compositions, instruments, recordings, vocals, arrangements, productions, mixing, artwork.

Niels van der Weiden: additional drums and processing (1,2,8,9) / additional bass (1,2,4) / noise (2) / brass (4) / additional piano (1,8) / analogue lead, mechanical organ (7,8) / church bell (8)

Cover design: Kaftwerk, Janine Hendriks; Mastering engineer: Rinus Hooning

Special thanks: Wim Dekker, Blowpipe Records


(c) Blowpipe Records, 2021, all rights reserved